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Remote Control Drilling Machine

Automation and Robotics

Remote Control Drilling Machine

CITF Code: PA22-020

Type Of Technology: Automation and Robotics

Product Type: Drilling machine

Vendor: CSC Robotic Engineering Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2410 4612 / 9540 8599

Drillraffe (D1) is a wireless remote control 3-axis drilling machine. User aligns the drill to the targets through a wireless monitor, reference lasers and other sensors. Drilling is triggered by remote control with preset depths.  Drilling-at-height by worker is eliminated by using D1.

Benefits :
- Increase productivity
- Enhance construction site safety and health 
- Improve quality of work
- Cost and Time saving
- More Accurate

Applications :
- Drilling

Project References :
- Campus Development Project, The Open University of Hong Kong
- HKG11, Kwai Chung Data Centre
- Maintenance Project, Hong Kong Culture Centre

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