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Kato Rough Terrain Crane Model: SL700R

Advanced Tools and Equipment

Kato Rough Terrain Crane Model: SL700R

CITF Code: PA20-134

Type Of Technology: Advanced Tools and Equipment

Product Type: Lifting Crane

Vendor: Houston Machinery (China) Co. Ltd

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2241 9627

KATO (SL-700R) Rough Terrain Crane is suitable for use in special working conditions, such as narrow work site and access road requiring lifting condition to greater height. The Automatic Crane System with voice alarm (ACS), a computer monitoring system, can control the main boom, fly jib or outrigger to prevent human input errors. The ACS can automatically calculate and display the Safe Working Load (SWL) at different strokes of outriggers, and the main boom, fly jib at different angles on a real-time basis to enhance safety. Legend: 15