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CITF Code: PBS18-031, PBS18-032, PBS18-033, PBS18-034, PBS18-035

Type Of Technology: BIM Software

Vendor: Kalloc Studios Asia Limited

Tel: 25201050

Fuzor is the next generation VDC software for the construction industry. High quality 4D and 5D simulations created in Fuzor win projects and ensure project delivery on-time and on-budget. Fuzor is capable of combining large 3D models, point cloud data and the project schedule to simulate the construction methodology and produces detailed method statements. It is specifically designed to create training material to better prepare your logistics and field workers for the jobsite. For effective project control and management,

Fuzor provides the planned and actual schedule, cost tracking and model-based quantity take-offs in 4D construction sequence simulations and reports. For AEC professionals, Fuzor provides an Integrated Design Platform that delivers seamless workflow with our patented and gold medal award winning bi-directional Live Link technology. Combine your Revit, Sketchup, FBX and other file types in Fuzor to experience your full model in 2D, 3D, VR, AR, C.A.V.E., and HoloLens. Fuzor offers a suite of analysis and coordination tools to ensure the maximum effectiveness and success of your project.

Benefits :
- Create highly detailed construction sequence simulation to win the bid
- Easy presentation of project progress to clients with actual vs planned schedule
- Quick simulation of method of statements
- Reduce injuries and deaths with better health and safety planning
- Effective site logistic planning to reduce delay
- Cost control to alert over-budget
- Fast animation tool to demonstrate difficult installation process to minimize re-work
- Project coordination to reduce clashes

Applications :
- Create construction sequence simulation with high level of details to facilitate the health and safety planning
- Effective site logistics planning in a fully simulated construction site to ensure resources are delivered on time and on schedule
- Improve safety using VR allowing construction workers to rehearsal dangerous construction process
- Offer interactive viewer that helps clients to review 4D and method statements from different perspectives
- Being able to export various reports, graphs to help reduce cost and improve safety, for instance, multi-activity chart, resource report, cost graph, edge report
- Good integration with laser scanning data to have a better analysis of the impact on surrounding environment
- Extensive construction vehicles, equipment, worker, foliage library that save million of dollars in developing them and speeding up the simulation of method of statements
- User-friendly animation system enables everyone to animate the construction vehicle to simulate statement of work in minutes that is thousands of times faster than traditional workflow
- Advanced sequence animation tool allows quick animation on custom equipment to suit project needs
- Advanced cinematic editor to render and output high quality 4D video for tender and project control
- Direct support of various scheduling software to visualize construction sequence simulation effectively
- Incorporation of cost data to show the S-curve of the actual vs planned cost
- Comparison of baseline schedule and actual schedule to showcase the project progress to clients

Project References :
- Lifecycle Building Information Modeling-Asset management(BIM-AM)System for Building Operation and Maintenance
- Refurbishment of External Façade at CLP Shatin Centre
- Adoption of Knowledge-based Building Information Modeling for E&M Asset Management Supplemented with Mobile Technology - A Case Study in Public Sewage Pumping Facilities
- InnoCell
- The Use of BIM for Landscape Design –Landscape Information Modelling
- Central Market Revitalisation Project
- Design, Build and Operate San Wai Sewage Treatment Works – Phase 1


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