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XensePath – UWB Positioning & Safety Management System

Sensors and IoT

XensePath – UWB Positioning & Safety Management System

Vendor: XenseTech

Origin: Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 2838 3029 / Email:

XensePath – UWB Positioning & Safety Management System achieves positioning with a precision of up to 10 cm. It effectively manages the labour force, monitors the status and distribution of workers, ensures worker safety, and improves the quality of management, enhancing management efficiency. Different devices and systems provide high accuracy and precise alerts, which can reduce common accidents on construction sites and increase safety factors.

Through the use of Ultra-wideband (UWB), XensePath tracks the location of workers in real-time. It uses radio waves to provide accurate position of workers and equipment. Moreover, by incorporating alarms and warning lights, XensePath can notify workers and supervisors of potential hazards, such as workers being in hazardous areas or being in danger of collisions, therefore providing anti-collision and so reducing potential accidents in the construction site.

Benefits :
- High Precision - Can achieve highly accurate positioning with an error tolerance of only 10cm, surpassing technologies such as Bluetooth, Zigbee, and WiFi
- High Anti-Interference -  Anti-interference capability better than technologies mentioned above
- Reliable Accident Prevention - Can provide reliable detection and alerts for anti-collision and danger zones preventing any potential accidents
- Suitable for all settings - Optimal for both outdoor and indoor including confined spaces

Applications :
- Worker Management – Able to prevent actions such as gathering, actionless for extended amount of time, prolonged stay etc.
- Worker-Machine Collision Prevention – Prevent collision between workers and moving plants by providing visual and audio alert to both workers and operator 
- Hazardous Area – Designating certain areas as hazardous and issue warnings to workers when they enter said areas, as well as mobile notification to safety officer
- Worker-Vehicle Separation – Prevent workers from entering areas designated for vehicle traffic and minimize the risk of accidents
- Tower Crane Proximity Warning – Provide visual and audio warnings to workers when the lifting anchor is close alerting workers

Project References :
- Kai Tak District Cooling System
- Chiu Shun Road, Tseung Kwan O 
- Pak Wo Road, Fanling
- 8 Lee Kung Street Hung Hom