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Construction Energy Storage System(CESS)

Advanced Tools and Equipment

Construction Energy Storage System(CESS)

CITF Code: PA20-045

Type Of Technology: Advanced Tools and Equipment

Product Type: Electric Power Generator

Vendor: Ampd Energy Limited

Origin: Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China

Tel: 3705 9441

The Ampd Enertainer is an advanced energy storage system which provides diesel-free power for construction projects. Available in various configurations, the system is designed for the tough, dynamic and space-constrained needs of construction sites, without compromise.

Benefits :
- Reduces carbon emissions
- Zero air pollution emissions at the site
- Eliminates the risk of soil and groundwater pollution from diesel use
- Reduces noise by 30 times compared to a diesel generator
- Safer and more user-friendly than diesel generators due to no refuelling 
Applications :
- Amplify power supply for plant and equipment with intermittent loads, such as tower cranes, passenger hoists, material hoists, welding machines and bar bending machines
- Real-time monitor the energy consumption of plant equipment

Job References :
- Mount Anderson  
- Advanced Manufacturing Centre
- Murray Road 2
- Wang Yip Street West

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